About Us


The home of Arnon Lodge Alpacas and Ashford Alpaca Stud is a 25 acre property a ten minute drive south of the City of Launceston in beautiful Tasmania. Typical alpaca country, the elevated property lies under the shadow of Mount Arnon and has views over Norfolk Plain with the Western Tiers in the distance. The undulating and partly rocky property is covered with native grasses and a variety of eucalyptus trees and box wood. The North Western boundary of the property fronts Pateena Road a picturesque country lane running alongside the South Esk river towards the country town of Longford. Blessed with its own natural water springs the land is split into seven paddocks that surround the homestead.


At a latitude of 41° 30° south the climate is cool temperate. Ranging from a pleasant 25° to 30°C in summer to few degrees below freezing at night in the winter. However, the day temperatures never drop below freezing and provides the alpaca with a near perfect temperature that improves fibre and fleece quality. The high latitude and elevated country, together with long periods of sunlight also provides the animals with quite possibly the best available Ultra Violet and hence vitamin D found in Australia. Essential for an alpaca’s good health.